VINETA 98 - a successful living concept in Berlin

Living in a housing cooperative is, nowadays more than ever, an excellent alternative to more traditional living arrangements.

Why? Membership in a housing cooperative means that you are able to look after your own interests by means of self-help and assuming responsibility for yourself.

When many individuals join forces, economic interests, such as good and inexpensive living space, can be achieved much more effectively. In addition, each member has the privilege of life-long occupancy, which is guaranteed by a permanent lease.

Cooperative apartments are never objects of speculation as each member is actually a shareholder in the entire housing stock....more


Schools, kindergartens, a local public library, recreation centers such as the Upsala Club, child day-care centers and the "Klax" schoolchildren's center are located in the immediate vicinity. It takes less than five minutes to reach the Schönhauser Allee Arcaden shopping mall and, if you prefer to walk, there is a large assortment of shops to explore on Berliner Strasse and Breite Strasse.. ...more

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The VINETA 98 apartment buildings are located near Vinetastrasse on the subway line 2, which winds its way through Berlin from the Pankow commuter train station to Ruhleben, just short of Spandau, the district on Berlin’s western border. ...more